Predjama Castle – Joy For Soul

Predjama Castle (Slovenia) is a Renaissance castle built within a cave mouth in south – central Slovenia. It is also the largest cave castle in the world.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia
Here is a little video experience I’ve filmed there

Predjama Castle was used as the castle featured in the 1986 movie Armour of God by Golden Harvest starring Jackie Chan, Alan Tam, Rosamund Kwan and Lola Forner.

It was investigated for paranormal activity in a 2008 episode of Ghost Hunters International on the Sci Fi Channel.

It was also the filming location of Laibach’s Sympathy For The Devil cover’s music video.

Predjama castle featured in the Alastair MacLean novel “Air Force One is Down” under the name Castle Windischgraetz.

Visit this place and it will certainly be a joy to your soul: