Who am i?

who is this crazy person?

I am you. 

Maybe we don’t do the same stuff but we search for our place under the stars… or a waterall.

I am an Empath.

What do i do (and did) in real life?

I was a bookkeeper, administrator, ethicist, lawyer, worked in logistics, journalist, chief editor, assistant, graduated from the Faculty of Informatics and end up in PR and organising conferences. But all those jobs and expirience don’t define me. This is only a part of me….

Let’s call  all of this … expiriences

what i've become

  • Traveler
  • Listener
  • Very passionate person
  • Sensitive to other people
  • Food lover and adorer
  • Animal lover (but not in a kinky way)
  • Creative & crazy
  • A little deaf

…. and not afraid to admit it